Production of polypropylene components

February 10, 2012 | News

In September 2012, as part of the expansion program and the creation of a full production cycle, Megatex launched a new workshop with modern thermoplastic machines for the production of cases and covers of the original design with the corporate logo of the company. The cap of our own production is used for all batteries produced by Megatex, with the exception of the A-Mega Ultra + brand batteries, which are equipped with an imported double cap K2.

The organization of our own production of polypropylene components within the Megatex company is an important chain in creating a closed production cycle at the enterprise.

During the production of polypropylene housings and lids, quality control of such parameters as granule fluidity analysis, fracture tests, bursting reinforcement, electrical breakdown, etc. is carried out. Control of all set parameters makes it possible to obtain exceptionally high-quality components with high consumer properties.