Exhibition “Automechanika 2017” (Madrid)

April 5, 2017 | News

While the eyes of the entire automotive industry are riveted on the largest automotive exhibition in the EU – “Automechanika” (Frankfurt), few people know that such exhibitions are held not only in Frankfurt, but also in Paris, Beijing, New York, Madrid etc.

In March 2017, representatives of the sales department of our company Megatex LLC had a chance to visit the Automechanika 2017 MOTORTEC MADRID exhibition as part of the support of our partner – EURO-GALARA S.L. I would like to note that this exhibition is internal and is aimed exclusively at the Spanish market.

The decision on our participation was made back in September 2016, and from that moment a long preparation began. Assistance was provided in the development of relevant handouts in the form of brochures, catalogs and other promotional materials. A huge number of layouts of our products were also transferred. Only 9 people worked at the company’s stand, and representatives of Megatex LLC played the role of supporting their partner, and told interested customers about the methods of work of our plant, new technological solutions and the advantageous differences between our products and products major European manufacturers. As a result of the exhibition, more than 200 contacts were collected and many negotiations were held with potential customers.

Наше совместное участие было направлено на увеличение объемов продаж в Испании, и до конца 2017 года мы ожидаем существенный прирост в этом направлении. However, the results are already making themselves felt, because after the end of the exhibition “EURO-GALARA” S.L. placed 4 orders at once, which is an excellent indicator for this company. In general, the exhibition is much smaller than “Automechanika” in Frankfurt, however, the organization and conduct are at the highest level.