Boxes and Lids Production

In September 2012 in the framework of the program of expansion and creation of the complete manufacture cycle the new workshop with the modern injection-molding machines for the manufacturing of cases and lids of special design with the corporate symbols of the company has been launched by the “Megatex” Company. Lid of own manufacturing is used for all accumulators of “Megatex” manufacturing except the accumulators of A-megaUltra+ trade mark which are completed with the K2 double lid.

Organization of own manufacturing of polypropylene components in the framework of the “Megatex” Company is the important link in the creation of the closed manufacturing cycle at the enterprise.

Quality control

Great attention is given to the quality issues: before being processed the raw materials pass through the double washing and magnetic separation for admixture removal. The necessary fluidity and mechanical features are achieved by means of adding to the raw materials of additives provided by the technology.

During the process of polypropylene cases and lids manufacturing the control of the following parameters is carried out:

  • Incoming inspection of the material: pellet analysis for fluidity.
  • Visual inspection and checking of geometrical parameters of cases and lids: monoblocks should not have chips, undermoldings and underfillings in he places of fitting and welding to each other;
  • Visual inspection and checking of the case and lid color according to the given pattern.
  • Selective test for fracture, breaking strength, electrical breakdown and also for shock strength.