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All batteries of the “Megatex” LLC manufacture are solely produced by innovative hybrid technology with the use of bivalent metals.

A-MEGA innovative hybrid technology has adopted all the advantages and has eliminated all the disadvantages of the classic hybrid and calcium technologies. As in the classic hybrid technology the negative plate is casted from the lead-calcium alloy and the positive one is casted from lead alloy doped with selenium. But the main difference and advantage of this technology is the use of special high-technological elements added to the alloys.

The advantages of the batteries manufactured by A-MEGA innovative hybrid technology:

  • Unique vibration resistance on all kinds of roads (special assembling technology). This advantage is also proved by the independent test carried out by the “At wheel” magazine (№ 11/2012), in which the A-MegaBATTERIES battery has become the undisputed leader as for vibration resistance.
  • 100% maintenance-free – low water consumption (Unique paste formula). According to European norms the water consumption is not more than 6g/Ah, the result of «A-MegaBATTERIES” battery is 0,3-0,5 g/Аh
  • High resistance to deep discharges (high-technological alloys with bivalent metals included into composition)
  • Long service life of the batteries (owing to the use of unique patented sealing element)
  • Low self-discharge

 By the way, European car manufacturers give preference to the batteries manufactured by hybrid technology as just such batteries are considered to be the most reliable and durable.

Quality for the “Megatex” LLC is strategic indicator of competitiveness. The manufacturing and the delivery of the products which meet the requirements and hopes of our Consumers is the cornerstone of policy of the “Megatex” LLC. To the consumer we deliver the products of a high quality according to the set time-frame and volume.

The progressive system of quality management of the manufactured products is introduced at the plant; its basis are the management systems for the main technological equipment that provide control and quick operation of the parameters of the technological process of accumulator battery manufacturing at all its stages, from plate manufacturing up to accumulator battery formation.Constant quality control at all product manufacturing stages is an integral component of our job.

The quality control is carried out separately at each department during the manufacturing process and also selectively from the batch for the further testing under the laboratory conditions.

Product testing is carried out on the base of two own attested laboratories (for lead manufacturing and for accumulator manufacturing) which ensure high quality of testing and analysis owing to the most modern laboratory equipment.

The manufacturing laboratory for the batteries of the “Megatex” LLC based on the accumulator battery manufacturing workshop is the separate structural subdivision of the Enterprise. The laboratory is attested for carrying out of measurements in the field of extension of state metrological supervision and meets the attestation criteria.

The attestation field includes testing of the lead starter accumulator batteries. The battery control is carried out in accordance with the documentary standards of the National Standard of Ukraine with the use of the requirements of European Standard, National Standard of Russian Federation. Battery testing is carried out on the modern equipment of the leading world manufacturers: «Digatron» (Germany), «Weiss» (Germany).

All testing equipment meets the requirements of the metrological attestation. The calibration works are periodically performed by the specialists of the equipment manufacturing companies.

The manufacturing laboratory is provided with all kinds of resources for provision of the quality of metrological works including personnel competent in the performance of measuring analysis and result processing.

For the present day the “Megatex” enterprise is one of the biggest enterprises in CIS countries manufacturing lead-acid starter accumulator batteries for cars.

The project power of the plant is 3 000 000 pcs. per year.

The total square of the plant is 6000 m². In the main manufacturing more than 500 pcs. of equipment are brought. The plant is equipped with the high-technological import equipment of such famous companies as Wirtz, Leko, Sovema, Digatron, OxMaster, Cimec, CMW, KUSTAN setting of which was carried out by highly-qualified specialists of the manufacturing companies. All manufacturing personnel studied all details and secrets of accumulator manufacturing in Germany and Korea by the leading specialists of accumulator manufacturing.

Our main advantage is that the enterprise works according to the closed manufacturing cycle without buying of the key components from the other suppliers.

For the present day the assortment of the products is represented by the accumulator batteries for passenger and truck transport of European and Asian manufacturing. Accumulator batteries are manufactured in three main models; it allows us to offer to our consumers the accumulators of different price ranges.

We are constantly increasing the assortment of the products in order to maximally respond to the demands of consumers and constantly changing market.