General information

We believe it goes without saying that our products and our activity must have minimal negative impact on the environment. We work for further improvement of the effective use of energy and reducing of harmful emission.

One of our main goals is that the “Megatex” company must be the leader in its branch and in the field of environmental protection. To reach this goal we strive for integral conception, constant improvement, technical development of ecological program at the enterprise.

The enterprise pays great attention to the environmental protection as well as ecology protection making the manufacturing process maximal ecologically compatible and harmless.

One of the constituents of the ecological compatibility of manufacturing process is recycling of accumulator batteries. Disposal of harmful wastes is carried out on the fully mechanized Italian equipment of SERI Company that allows not only recycling of used accumulator batteries but also getting new products from these wastes – sodium sulphate and polymer concentrate.

The “Megatex” LLC accepts used accumulator batteries and other lead scraps from legal entities and our partner the “Ecoline” LLC accepts lead scrap from individual persons. 

Battery Recycling Division

Creation and functioning of the accumulator batteries recycling division allows for the first time in Ukraine to solve the questions of ecologically safe handling with used lead-acid accumulators from which the electrolyte was not poured out and, besides, to solve the questions of sharp reducing of the level of influence on the environment caused by metallurgical enterprises which manufacture lead and lead alloys on the basis of metal components of used batteries.

Recycling of used accumulators is carried out on the complete technological line manufactured by «SE.R.I.S.p.A» company, Italy. On this line all recycling processes are fully mechanized and automated that fully ensures the complexity of the use of all components of used batteries. The analogue of the division being projected within the “Ecoline” LLC manufacturing base on the basis of complete technological line of «SE.R.I.S.p.A» company, Italy is the enterprise as for the lead-acid accumulators recycling in the city of Freiberg, Germany.

Main targets of the technological process of complex recycling of used accumulators:

  • Parting of the used accumulators into components.
  • Obtaining from the solution of salt cake of the finished product – sodium sulphate.
  • Parting of the polymeric fraction into polypropylene (polymeric concentrate) and other plastics (manufacturing wastes) in the automatic mode on specialized units of complete technological line.