Metallurgical Production

At the metallurgical manufacturing the technological process of metallurgical processing of lead-containing burden materials is performed and gaining on their basis of lead and lead alloys.

The modern metallurgical equipment of the “Megatex” LLC allows reaching the lead and lead alloys output volume up to 20 thousands of tons per year without the increasing of environmental impact.

The technological process of metallurgical processing includes the following operations:

  • Re-melting of prepared raw material,
  • Refining (cleaning) of the remelt from admixtures in order to receive brand lead alloys and lead,
  • Casting of refined liquid melt in the ingots and endless strip.

The main products include metallurgical directions:

  • Lead of С1, С2 brands;
  • Lead-antimony alloys of ССуА, ССуМ, УС1, СсуАSe, ССуАSn brands;
  • Babbits;
  • Solders of ПОС, ПОСК, ПОССу and “А” brands;
  • Other doped alloys on the basis of lead by costumers’ demands;
  • Cable coupling terminals СС 70 -110.

Melting of the prepared raw material to black lead is performed on the melting complex of Italian manufacturer which allows performing of the processes of filling of solder materials and their loading into the oven, melting of solder materials and casting of liquid metal and dross in fully automated and mechanized mode.