Production of polypropylene, sodium sulfate

Polypropylene production

Manufacturing of polypropylene is one of the important links in general accumulator batteries manufacturing cycle. This division was launched in 2012 and has become the next stage of the enterprise on the way to the creation of cyclic manufacturing.
In the absence of the own lead ore raw material base in Ukraine, secondary lead resources the main source of which are used lead-acid batteries gain great importance.

The division of integrated recycling of used batteries was launched by the “Megatex” LLC with the aim of recycling and next receiving from the recycled accumulators of raw materials for their next use at manufacturing of accumulator batteries.

Import equipment installed at this division allows to perform used battery breakage separating the results of crushing into fractions for their next processing and also to recycle the used electrolyte with the receiving from it of crystal salt cake which is widely used at Ukrainian glass plants and also at manufacturing of synthetic detergents.

Polypropylene received from crushed accumulator batteries having passed through several refining stages is recycled into polypropylene pellets and can be used for the next manufacturing of accumulator battery components tare, pipes, parts of technical equipment and other.

Sodium sulfate production

Mineral salt – salt cake – is the industrial product and raw material base for the enterprises of pulp and paper industry, glass and chemical industries.

Closed manufacturing cycle of the enterprise provides for absolute nonwaste manufacturing during the operation of which all the products generating in the result of operation can be processed and/or used in the other industry branch.

In the result of recycling of used accumulators the following kind of industrial products are obtained:

  • Two kinds of metallurgical concentrates on the basis of metal components of used accumulators, mineral salt – salt cake on the basis of the usage of sulphur of salt cakes and electrolyte of used accumulators.
  • Polymeric concentrate on th basis of polypropylene part of monblocks and other organic constituent parts of used accumulators.
  • Mineral salt – salt cake – by its parameters corresponds with the requirements of GOST 6318-77 “Technical sodium sulphate” of the A mark, 1 grade and can be used at the enterprises of pulp and paper industry, glass and chemical industry.